There. You now have access to all of Infamous Menagerie’s listenable recorded output, plus some that is not-so-listenable! Also a short history of the band is up. I might rewrite it when I am feeling a little more witty, but for now it will have to do. If any of you have an Infamo-related memory you would like to share, please comment on one of the pages here or email Erik so that we can all reminisce together.

To do: offer some images. First I have to find the originals, clear away the clutter from my scanner, and finally produce some decently-resolutioned files. All the stuff I have on the hard drive right now is of 1996-era website design and so the biggest ones are all of 400px wide and I can barely see them on my netbook. Will try to work up the ambition to move around a bunch of trash in my room as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy the songs!